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Individual results may vary


Basic Facial $85

A cleansing and re balancing facial designed to Deep Pore Cleanse, Exfoliate, Nourish and Balance. Relaxing shoulder and neck massage included.

Deep Pore Cleansing $95

Let's go deep! Start with a professional analysis of the skin followed by a cleanser selected for your skin type, extractions, purifying antibacterial mask, antibacterial serum which deep cleans congestion, destroys toxins, and purifies the skin.

Forever Young $100

Rewind the lines of time! Our special and most potent corrective and restorative treatments will make you look dewy, youthful and those fine lines will look noticeably diminished.

Exfoliating Organic Peel $49

The organic peel deep cleans the skin and it completely exfoliates into several layers of skin and brings the impurities to the surface in little white beads.

Add On's:

Glycolic Acid peel $35
Beta Peel $35
Lactic Acid Peel $35
Oxygen Treatment $35
Enzyme Peel $35
Microdermabrasion $125 (Package of 6 $500)
Jessner Peel $400
Detox mask with Moroccan Clay,Vitamin C, Honey and yogurt $40

Sea C Facial $135

This seven step demo-corrective treatment combines lyophilized, unaltered collagen and biotechnological actives for an immediate improvement to the skin’s appearance, without invasive surgery. Subdues the visible signs of aging. Cocoons and Quenches the skin, rendering it radiant.

Teen Acne Facial. $85

Our Basic Facial with the focus on teen skin problems. A personalized corrective treatment to clear, balance and revitalize young skin.

Back Facial $70

This relaxing treatment includes a deep pore cleansing to treat clogged pores. A deep exfoliation to remove dry skin and a relaxing massage. A mask will follow and a moisturizer will complete the treatment.


$350 per session
$1250 / 5 sessions plus free 5 collagen Mask

Our iEllios is the most advanced device of the Face Rejuvenation Series with two channels emitting complex alternating simultaneous signals, 5,520 complex programs, compacted into 93 treatment sections and categorized into 11 treatment plans including body treatments such as scars and stretchmarks and Pain. Each program is part of automatically alternating frequencies changing every 1- 4 seconds, offering the most dramatic results in the industry for skin rejuvenation.

Our iEllios is designed like the iMac with a touch screen attached to a transparent base with full computer capabilities, DVD Drive, firewire, USB, printer and ethernet ports to be connected to the Internet from where one can receive all the upcoming upgrades.

Two separate channels harmoniously resonate to provide a sophisticated bio-communication resonant with the body's normal cellular operations.